About Arian Expert Group

Technical knowledge and economic development, commercialization process, transfer and dissemination of technology in IRAN and according to national and institutional interests especially in the mining industry, requires an important and significant resources in the form of expertise, credits, equipment and deadline for industrial projects, research spent in this sector, maximum advantage to be taken so that the community also benefit from the results in various sectors. For this purpose, (Ariyan Expert Group) was established in the winter of 2008. For this purpose and in order to provide and cover the growing demand for domestic and foreign, discovery center, extraction, processing, energy, new technologies, industrial equipment, Chemical and Engineering has been created and activated group. This group is determined to exceed the requirements of changes in terms of using potentials that in a turbulent environment and a constant position with innovations and disciplines. We are best known for our managers. We have a professional team and proud to have used expertise from over 20 years of experience. Some of our colleagues have a Ph.D. and are a member of the National Geology and Chemistry Association. There are many specialties among our colleagues, such as, chemist, Geologist, Mining engineer and etc. We are committed to providing innovative solutions for clients nationwide. we view clients as our partners with mutual respect and integrity, lead to long term relationships over multiple projects. The trust and confidence of our clients is the most valuable thing we have. It is our pride to make progress and boost in your business. Our policy is to satisfy the customer by providing high quality services.

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