Chemical Material

The company is using with the best practices in production of metal, alloys, chemicals and synthetic materials in the country and use of academic institutions, research and scientific and also Laboratory and production scale, semi-industrial and industrial based on customer request, Technical and economic studies, basic and detailed design, procurement, construction and commissioning of production units will be done whenever it is necessary.

These services include:

1-     Project feasibility studies and conceptual design.

2-     Basic and detailed design of the factory, industrial, semi-industrial and laboratory

3-     Design and engineering consulting services in the areas of process, architecture, building, mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation, metallurgy and materials and nuclear.

4-     Executive management of industrial projects and services.

5-     Engineering Purchasing and Procurement.

6-     Preparation of grand plans, cash flow, budgeting and scheduling in all stages of the process and industrial projects.

7-     Consulting and design in the field of management information systems.

8-     Consulting services in the field of technical documents designed to develop, optimize existing processes, improve quality control and consulting in the implementation of construction, installation and commissioning based on reference standards.

9-     Preparing pre-launch and commissioning of chemical plants.

10- Simulation and modeling of chemical processes by available software.

11- Preparing design and engineering software.

12- Preparing design standards.

13- Preparing documents for basic and detailed design of chemical processes based on common standards or requested.

14- Preparation of detailed design documents based on internal and external consultants.

15- Preparation of basic and detailed design documents.

16- Project planning and control of industrial activities in the design and implementation of advanced date with the latest softwares.

17- complete preparation of project status reports, chapters, sections and groups in daily, weekly, two-weekly, monthly, three-month, six-month and annual progress at different levels.

18- Provide overall project planning and Budget planning is needed.

19- Develop systems and procedures with their mechanization.

20- Planning and inventory control.

21- Develop job descriptions and evaluation systems and salary jobs.

22- Planned preventive maintenance of industrial plants.

23- Examine the feasibility and economic justification of projects using COMFAR software.

24- Quality control and statistical control charts developed and developing ways to optimize inspection.

25- Service and installation of computer software and information networks.

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