Industrial Equipment

This company with support from the experience of the design and construction of industrial facilities with specific applications such as rapidly rotating machinery, Chemical reactors, and Special parts with very small to very large sizes, alloys and special forms provides services.

Along with the development of science and technology and the increasing need for change in engineering design and construction, mechanical parts of the company By using accurate methods and facilities and the use of advanced computer  Experts and experienced engineers and understandings with respect to letters of cooperation to respond to the needs that will be addressed are the following:

1-     Design and manufacture of special equipment needed by industries such as oil, gas, petrochemicals, steel, mining and processing.

2-     Engineering consulting services regarding the selection and use of materials and designs to improve the quality, production technology and products and metal products.

3-     Consulting services in the field of technical documents designed to develop, optimize existing processes, improve quality control and production lines in the field of metallurgy industry.

4-     Basic and detailed design documents prepared on the basis of common standards and applications in the field of metallurgy industry.

5-     Designing Systems Simulator in the field of corrosion and metallurgical processes.

6-     Supervision of the construction of mechanical equipment.


Center for Strategic Studies Economic:

Generally along its current business strategy goals, as new businesses are continually being created and growth. These new forms of business organization are constantly in the basket of investments and projects of the company. Investment management organizations need to implement programs that meet the strategic objectives of the organization and the appeal is expected. Processes and feasibility assessment of investment projects is not limited solely to the parts of the financial and economic studies.Rather, strategic studies, technical, market and risk of major parts of this study, which are connected to each other and usually called" business plan". The center is due to the capabilities and the experience and expertise to provide the following services:

1-     Strategic Studies and organizational strategies

2-     Reduction of operating costs by using modern methods

3-     Opportunities studies.

4-     Pre-feasibility studies

5-     Feasibility Studies

6-     Preparation of business plans

7-     Risk Studies

8-     Market Studies

9-     Technical studies

10- Financial Studies

Economic Studies
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