Minerals extracted from the mines in order to be usable in the industry must be processed. Low grade minerals to enter the consumer market require a series of operations like concentration. This center in mines by eliminating waste and increasing Grade has a mediator role between mining and industry. This center is provider of feedstock and concentrated all metals smelting plants in the iron and steel industry. In the case of non-metallic materials or industrial minerals, nearly all major industrial economies such as: Chemical industry, agriculture, construction, ceramics, metal smelting, and even medicine, consume minerals and the first stage of purification of the material in the ore processing takes place and without the concentration of minerals extracted in the industry, are not directly applicable and Mining activities will face serious challenges. Processing operations causes increase the value of minerals and mining activities will be acceptable in economic terms.

To design of mineral processing factory, different cases should be investigated.

 These include:

1-     Select the appropriate method of processing

2-     Schematic design process

3-     Calculate the mass balance

4-     Choose processing equipment

To choose an appropriate method of processing at first, Physical and chemical properties of ore must be examined and then processed tests performed on it and then one or more of mineral processing route should be selected.At the end base on the arrangement of the operation of the device, Schematic processing operations will be drawn. After that quality and quantity of the material can be calculated in different ways and then solid mass and water balance is determined. After these, equipment required can be selected. For equipment selection some factors such as particle size distribution, purity, capacity, Kinetics Operations and similar operations shall be performed.

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